• Maribo Seed Maribo Seed is fully dedicated to the beet
    business. We have almost 100 years of
    experience and take pride in having an
    extensive knowledge within sugar beet…

  • Sugar beet since 1920 We were founded back in 1920 by the
    Danish Sugar Factories to improve the sugar
    beet seed. This we have done with passion
    since then to the benefit of our customers.

  • The seed factory The seed factory is located on the island of
    Lolland in the area where sugar beets are
    grown, and is focused on achieving the best
    possible seed quality to our customers.

  • Seed quality The sugar beet seed is checked after every
    single step in the production process. Only 10 -
    20 % of the harvested seed will pass our quality
    tests and reach the customers.

Sugar beet seed

We offer a full portfolio of sugar beet varieties developed to specific growing conditions.

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MARIBO is a sugar beet seed brand in MariboHilleshög, a global supplier of sugar beet seed.

Our headquarters and seed production facilities are located on the island of Lolland in the southern part of Denmark

The MARIBO Story

 View movie about production of sugar beet seed.

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